Friesen Point Podcast 140: Nicky Gifts

Folks, I could absolutely not be more excited about releasing an episode for you. Today, our guest is my original co-host, former roommate, and one of my best friends in the world, Nicky Gifts.  Tune in to hear some horrifying stories from my past, some Degrassi recapping, and perhaps the best idea for a novelty tie ever.

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Friesen Point Podcast 139: Hank Thompson

Today, I am so excited to bring you a first in a series of two reunion shows, this one featuring the hilarious former-Chicago, now-LA comedian (and old friend) Hank Thompson. Hank’s been away a while, so we all settle in to catch up, then do some bullshitting (for old times sake), and then settle in to discuss the Subreddit of the Week: Conspiracy.

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Friesen Point Podcast 138: Stephanie Hasz

Today, Drees and I are delighted to offer you up a lovely conversation with the one, the only Stephanie Hasz. Tune in to hear a lively chat about blanket delivery, not working, and my recent perilous trip to the Mancow radio show.

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Friesen Point Podcast 137: Jeff Scheen

Today, I am excited to provide you with a grand conversation between myself, Drees, and our guest, the delightful Jeff Scheen. We get into all sorts of things, then highlight the Subreddit of the Week: Today I Learned.

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COMING 9/28!

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Friesen Point Podcast 136: Tim Barnes

Today, I am excited to present to you a wonderful conversation between myself, Dan Drees, and Tim Barnes. We get into all sorts of fun; mostly we talk about some religious business and how Tim seems to be allergic to games.

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Friesen Point Podcast 135: Kevin Hogan

Today, Drees and I are thrilled to welcome back to the podcast dear friend Kevin Hogan for a very special farewell episode before he moves off to greener pastures in Connecticut. Do we talk all that much about him leaving? Not really. We mostly talk about fighting boners and leaked celebrity nudes.

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Friesen Point Podcast 134: Kenny DeForest

Today, we’re joined by comedian/buddy Kenny DeForest, who’s visiting us from New York for a little bit. This episode sort of tip-toes between silly and serious, goofy and sincere. Also, we get to the bottom of a conspiracy theory, but in the process accidentally create three new ones.

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