Friesen Point Podcast 135: Kevin Hogan

Today, Drees and I are thrilled to welcome back to the podcast dear friend Kevin Hogan for a very special farewell episode before he moves off to greener pastures in Connecticut. Do we talk all that much about him leaving? Not really. We mostly talk about fighting boners and leaked celebrity nudes.

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Friesen Point Podcast 134: Kenny DeForest

Today, we’re joined by comedian/buddy Kenny DeForest, who’s visiting us from New York for a little bit. This episode sort of tip-toes between silly and serious, goofy and sincere. Also, we get to the bottom of a conspiracy theory, but in the process accidentally create three new ones.

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Friesen Point Podcast 133: Mike Stanley

Today, it’s our treat to be joined by Chicago ex-pat and fantastic comic Mike Stanley for what can only be described as an engaging chat. We dance around from various “ice related social media memes” to a recent trip we took to a Buddhist temple, then wrap it all up with a very exciting Taste Test Drive.

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Friesen Point Podcast 132: Dan Sheehan

We’re back. Today, Drees and I are joined by good buddy Dan Sheehan to chat about what’s been happening in life since we last recorded and get pretty in depth with hypothetical time travel. Sorry about the gap in episodes, we promise we’re back.

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Friesen Point Podcast 131: After Dark

Today, I’m excited to bring you a very special bonus episode, that exists solely so you can enjoy the theme song Tommy Mac, Mike Timlin, and myself recorded for a non-existent Friesen Point companion podcast.

Is it worth it to make an entire episode just to play a theme song? Absolutely. I’m sure you’ll agree.

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A Definitive Ranking of Nestle Crunch Girl Scout Cookie Bars

Children, as many of you know, one of the things I’m most obsessed with in life is junk food that’s available for a limited time only. I mark the passing of the seasons not by when I start/stop wearing a coat, but by when the autumnal Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash at the local Jewel Osco mysteriously transforms into the summery Sierra Mist Kiwi Strawberry.

I’ll buy any candy or chip I’m told I can’t buy later. I bought a bag of these things, and they didn’t even have a name.

 photo Jacked_zpsbf31f668.jpg

Thankfully, this way of life doesn’t always result in horrible disappointment; for instance, Nestle Crunch recently reintroduced their Girl Scout Cookie themed line of candy bars, and boy howdy, is that exciting news.

These are great candy bars, and that’s coming from a guy who’s not that big on candy. However, I’m finding that my enjoyment is being challenged by memories of arguments past; arguments about which Girl Scout Cookie is the best.

I think that argument is simultaneously a “sticky wicket” and a “nonstarter,” so I’m going to ever-so-gracefully avoid that conversation in favor of a much more concrete one: which of these Crunch Bars is going to be named the Friesen Point Novelty Nestle Crunch Bar of 2014. I know…real high honors.

 photo Crisp_zps2724887d.jpg

Let’s get down to it! Who’s gonna take this thing down?

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The Most Unexpected News Ever

Children, Tinder exists. In case you’re unaware of what it is, allow me to bring you up to speed:

  • It’s an app, powered by hormones and delusion, that is in theory used for finding people near you to fuck, but seems to be used primarily as a virtual space for men to sexually harass women, and for comedians to troll unsuspecting strangers.
  • Also, there are robots and hookers.

To give you some way of visualizing what it looks like spiritually, imagine the dating service equivalent of the gutter on Halsted the day after Pride: just a weird stew of stagnant water full of spent tallboy cans and used condoms.

I’d really never given this particular aspect of it much thought, but I always kind of just assumed that Tinder was a company run with the efficiency of a Swiss watch and the consummate professionalism of some guy who makes Swiss watches. Boy, was I wrong.

It turns out this is a situation not unlike a pizza joint being run by a incredibly obese man who got that way because he just can’t get enough pizza; the founders of Tinder created a “dating” app that has become the modern world’s greatest hotbed for douchebaggery largely because it seems like that’s the kind of thing they really go in for.

From Cnn.com:

The company’s co-founder and former vice president of marketing Whitney Wolfe has filed a lawsuit on Monday, alleging her fellow senior executives engaged in “atrocious sexual harassment and sex discrimination” against her.

In the lawsuit, Wolfe described Chief Marketing Officer Justin Mateen as “verbally controlling and abusive.” She accused him of repeatedly calling her a “slut” and a “whore,” including in front of CEO Sean Rad.

The people who run Tinder being sued for sexual harassment is like the some Exxon executive being arrested for littering a bottle of Olive Oil. I’m sorry, I’m not great at similes.

I feel like one of the sadder elements of this story is that this guy’s alleged behavior, while reprehensible, would be considered incredibly tame were it just to be done within the confines of the smart-phone app his own company created. I guess it all goes back to the age-old saying: “There are three things that matter in sexual harassment: location, location, location.”

What this all really makes me wonder, though, is what’s Tinder’s corporate stance on paying for their employees’ birth control? Actually, come to think about it, I bet they’re super on board with that.

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