Friesen Point Podcast 122: Kevin Brody

It’s Monday, and today I sit down with one of the comics behind the great live show/podcast Arguments and Grievances, Kevin Brody. We get have a great conversation about all sorts of things, but mostly how we both have an unhealthy level of knowledge about 90’s music. Also, to hear the amazing song from Sexy Wives Sinsations referenced in the episode, click here.

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11 thoughts on “Friesen Point Podcast 122: Kevin Brody”

  1. I feel like there is an episode missing from your site! You can’t silence the comedic genius of Tommy Mac and Matt Riggs! Stop trying to regulate talent and post our episode!

  2. Hey man, glad you could rally around to comment about how you should get more attention, when you can’t seem to muster up the strength to vote in the Side Dish bracket!

    Also, since you’re so concerned about me regulating talent, how about you try this one on: let’s see the next time you’re ever on the podcast. I predict you’re going to be a little bit underexposed in the near future.

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